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I wanted to open a corporate bank account with DBS so this customer service officer gave me the set of application forms to fill. When i got back to my office to present the documents to my boss, we realise that that *** gave me 1 page short and i had to go down to get the form again cause the bank won't accept photocopied paper under certain printer resolution. *roll eyes*

I had to make an appointment with the bank to process the application form. Waiting time was approximately 3-4 hours. During the meeting, i submitted the completed forms together with $40,000 cheque to the lady attending to me.

3 days later, i got a call from her saying that its not approved and she can't tell me the reason why. So i got her manager to call me back on Friday and i reasoned with her that we've already got 3 corporate accounts with DBS, it'll make things alot easier if this new account can be with DBS too. The manager agreed and said she'll call me back on monday.

No news from the bank till tuesday and i wasn't given any contact number to call to check on the progress. Called the customer service hotline but i was put on hold and transfers and told then told that i got to call direct to the branch. When i finally got thru, the manager wasn't in the branch and the lady said she'll get her to call me back.

Wednesday, still no news. i went down to the branch and explained to the lady about my situation. She told me that the Person-in-charge of my case is on 2 days leave and the manager is away. And because the amount of the cheque is substantial, it was kept in the safe by the person-in-charge so nobody can retrieve my cheque for me.

Totally ridiculous. How can a bank manager be so irresponsible? And if the person-in-charge were to go on a 4-month maternity leave, am i suppose to wait for 4 months? My cheque was stuck with them for more than 1 week unneccessarily. The head of the branch finally called me on thursday to meet her so that she can apologise to me. I was trying to tell her my grievance and give her my 2cents worth but she was more focused on raising her question, "So do you still want to set up the account with us?" Naturally, i didnt feel that she was sincere in apologising and hearing me out so i stood up and left.***.html

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